Edge Animal Hospital is a progressive veterinary clinic that believes advances in medicine and best practices do not mean that love gets left behind. Established in 2020, owner and veterinarian Dr. Raul Buso wanted to create a neighborhood animal hospital in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg that could also function as a community center for the people of the EDGE District and their beloved pets.

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Upon entering Edge Animal Hospital, you’ll realize pretty quickly that we treat every animal as if they were our own, which means your little buddy will feel safe in our hands, and you’ll feel at ease entrusting them to our care. We truly care about your furry family members, because we know they are just that – family. Edge Animal Hospital exists to provide high-quality care through safe, fear-free, and environmentally-friendly practices.

We are accredited by The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), which holds our clinic strictest standards in veterinary care and services in vital practice areas including:

  • Surgical protocols
  • Pet dental regulations
  • Contagious disease conventions
  • Anesthesiology codes
  • Proper patient care formalities
  • Pain management guidelines
  • Emergency protocols

This AAHA accreditation also guarantees thorough and complete medical records, an onsite veterinary pharmacy, and advanced animal diagnostic services.

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