Veterinary Assistant


Kourtney decided early on in life that she wanted to dedicate herself to providing animals with positive experiences. She spent her childhood caring for the stray cats that wandered on her property in Minnesota and created a safe place for them to call home. She continued those efforts after graduating from the University of Wisconsin and began her work in veterinary medicine and wildlife rehabilitation. Kourtney became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through her work with a doggie day care center and helped prepare pets previously used in laboratory testing to become companion animals to their new families. Kourtney applied to join our team of Fear Free Certified Professionals so that she could continue to provide care for animals in a way that truly values their comfort and emotional well-being. She loves incorporating the "behavior" side of things with the "medical" side of things, which improves the overall experience for our patients, as well as their family members that bring them to us! Even in her free time, Kourtney is still committed to providing animals love and safety through her fostering with Compassion Kind Rescue.

Kourtney is Fear Free Certified.