Routine wellness checks for your cat:

Edge Animal Hospital offers routine feline healthcare in addition to our diagnostic and surgical services. From kitten care to geriatric cat medicine, consistent routine wellness exams enable our healthcare team to proactively track our patient’s health throughout their various life stages.

A wellness exam is a perfect time to discuss your cat’s daily habits and activity level, diet and nutrition, and any problems you may have noticed. Our staff is trained to make your cat feels comfortable and to reduce their stress so that we can perform a thorough examination. During this time we will talk with you about your cat’s daily routine, and if you have noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Cat Wellness Q&A

What will a veterinarian be looking for during my cat’s wellness exam?

Before performing any procedures, we will record your cat’s  weight and temperature, evaluate their dental grade, and examine their eyes and ears. Their veterinarian will also assess their ideal body composition, check for any lumps and bumps, and palpate the abdomen for organ size to make sure all is normal.

Will my cat’s wellness exam require any specific lab work or procedures? 

Cats age much quicker than humans do, so doing yearly labs are advised! Our healthcare team will collect urine, fecal, and blood samples to conduct lab tests that will detect any abnormalities before your pet shows clinical signs.

Why is early detection so important to the wellbeing of my cat?

By nature, cats are independent creatures by nature and masters at hiding any pain or illnesses they may be experiencing. You may not be aware that your kitty is not feeling well, and it’s better to stay one step ahead of any potential medical issues.