Dr. Hillary Wolfe


Dr. Wolfe graduated from Kansas State University in 2015 and has practiced veterinary medicine in the Tampa Bay area for the past 7 years. She spent her first four years at busy clinics where she gained a lot of experience in both surgery and medicine, and she now provides relief services all across Tampa Bay. Dr. Wolfe is especially interested in nutrition, preventative medicine, and senior pet care! In fact, Dr. Wolfe is certified as a Pet Nutrition Coach, has a certification in natural nutrition, and is currently pursuing an additional certification in food therapy for pets through Chi University. Dr. Wolfe deeply understands the significance of the human-animal bond and the emotions this bond can evoke. In fact she was awarded a scholarship in veterinary school for demonstrating exceptional compassion towards clients coping with the loss of a pet. In her free time, Dr. Wolfe enjoys being active! Hiking, kayaking, and practicing yoga are just a few of her favorite hobbies, but she enjoys watching the sunset on the beach with her dog Ada or checking out the local restaurants around St. Pete when it’s time to relax